Why Trust Your Universe?


Why Trust Your Universe?

A well-known term from the crypto world is “DYOR” which means Do Your Own Research. However, we understand that it is difficult for new people to do their own background research or find the right information. Therefore, we have put together some information and done the background research so you can just go through it. If you have any questions you can find a whatsapp logo for private messages and links to the community group at the bottom right.

Trust Your Universe is a premium trading system created to generate a passive income through Crypto & Forex trading. Where a monthly return averaging 5-10% is easily achievable. It is completely free and very simple. It is like buying a passive income by depositing money in a trading account and sitting back while it grows. You’ve probably come across this bit of text and now again you want to know more about what’s behind it.

Fortunately, I know company that is more open and transparent. That’s why I’ve created a roadmap so you can take a good look at everything yourself and get deeper and deeper into the matter and really get a picture of what kind of company TYU is before you engage with it.

Why TYU? Here is the information:

Step 1: In 2 minutes the system explained.

Watch this video with TYU’s business presentation in it and explanation of what it entails.

Step 2: Read article with more background info Trust Your Universe.

The article under the link has more background info on the company.

Step 3: Watch this interview with CEO Dada Pey.

In this interview, Dada Pey gets some questions from the community.

Step 4: View results of all trades.

The best part is that you can see all the trades TYU makes through MyFXBook an independent third party that records the trades.

Step 5: Business presentation Patrick Lechner and Dada Pey from February 10 at event in Utrecht.

These are the presentations given by top builder and leader Patrick Lechner and CEO Dada Pey during the event we organized in Harmelen next to Utrecht at the Kloosterhoeve. They are 36 minutes in total, but if you want really good information and a good understanding, this is worth it.

If after seeing the information you are convinced to create an account please take a few more steps below so it goes smoothly.


Step 1: Click here to create a free account.

Step 2: Video explanation account creation.

Because there are sometimes questions about KYC (verification) and other issues regarding the creation of an account here is an example video so it can hardly go wrong:

Step 3: Community.

Join the community with other people who are also active within Trust Your Universe.

Step 4: Consider whether networking is for you in addition to investing.

Besides putting money on your account and automatically earning 5-10% passive income per month, it is also possible to earn an active income on top of that by networking yourself and getting others enthusiastic about this service.

After you create an account you can also bring people in through your own affiliate link and get a commission on your entire downline. You can build your downline 8 levels deep with a total bonus of 42.5% on the successful transactions of your downline.

The marketing plan and commissions are interesting and the way they work and act is very transparent. So far this is the most interesting MLM company I have come across, with the best and most sustainable plans for the future. Everything makes sense when you look at the numbers.

Are you someone who enjoys helping others achieve their goals while pursuing financial freedom yourself? Are you looking for a challenging and rewarding way to start your own business, without large investments or risks? Then we have a great opportunity for you!

We are looking for entrepreneurial and driven individuals who want to join our growing company. As part of our team, you will have access to a wide range of top quality products and services that you can offer to your own clientele. By building a network of satisfied customers and sharing this opportunity with others, you can generate growing income and even advance to higher levels of success within our company.

Our company provides extensive training and support to help you build your own successful business. We understand that starting your own business is a challenging and exciting step. Therefore, we offer a mentoring program where you are paired with someone who is already successful within the company. This allows you to learn from practice and find your own way. We organize regular training sessions and meetings where you can meet other entrepreneurs within our company and exchange experiences.

You will have the freedom to determine your own working hours and pattern, while still being part of a close-knit team of like-minded individuals. This means you have the opportunity to work from home or from any other location you like. You can develop your personal and professional skills and build new connections as you work toward realizing your dreams.

Our company has a strong vision and mission to make a positive impact on the world. We are committed to sustainability and community involvement. Therefore, we only work with products and services that are sustainably produced and have a positive impact on society. So when you become part of our company, you also contribute to a better world.

If you are excited about this opportunity and ready to start your own business, contact us today! We are ready to help you every step of your journey to success. Whether you’re looking for extra income or the freedom to run your own business, we have the tools and resources to help you succeed. Don’t wait any longer, join our team and start your journey to success!

Do you recognize yourself in this?

You have an entrepreneurial spirit and are driven to build your own business.

You have strong communication skills and are able to build and maintain customer relationships.

You have an affinity with sustainability and community involvement.

You are a team player and able to work within a team of like-minded individuals.

You are flexible and able to work independently, setting your own working hours and pattern.

You have a proactive attitude and are able to identify and capitalize on opportunities.

You are willing to learn and open-minded to embrace new ideas.

You are motivated to create your own success and strive for financial independence.

You are willing to invest in your own development and have a growth mindset.

We are looking for passionate and driven individuals who are ready to take on the challenge and build their own successful business.

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