TrustYourUniverse (TYU) in the German media

TrustYourUniverse (TYU) in the German media

In Germany and Austria, TrustYourUniverse is already wildly popular and an article recently appeared in the German business panaroma. In this respect, Germany and Austria are forerunners in the field of generating a passive income with Forex, Gold and Crypto trading. This is also promising for the Netherlands, because at the beginning of September the search term “Trust Your Universe” was searched 10-20x per month in the Netherlands and now it is already 320x per month since the first people in the Netherlands started promoting it, including us. In Germany it is already at 3,000x per month. Now is a perfect time to start TrustYourUniverse so you can benefit from 5-10% return per month on your investment and sign up people in your area for whom this is interesting and also earn an extra commission with this.

We are pleased to share the translation of the article from the German business panorama:

TrustYourUniverse: Trading partner of the future

In these times of rising consumer prices, it is reassuring to know that you are receiving passive income in your account. If the money saved is then constantly increasing, one can sleep a little more peacefully again. Trading platform TrustYourUniverse (abbreviation: TYU) is a new global player in the crypto and forex market and offers all kinds of benefits.

Increase your own capital

TrustYourUniverse works automatically and generates a return on the invested capital in the background. This is next-generation automated trading. As a client, you do not have to pay or incur monthly fees or high entry barriers. The premium trading system is completely free and everyone has the opportunity to build a passive income with the company’s proprietary professional platform. Only 40 percent of the profits made flow back to the platform as profit sharing, while 60 percent of the returns are distributed to the client. TrustYourUniverse invests the 40 percent as a so-called “profit share” in the trading platform and community to continue to grow. Risk management is clearly at the forefront at TrustYourUniverse. This risk awareness is first and foremost for investors to ensure consistent profits.

The professional platform of trust

The TrustYourUniverse platform is monitored and controlled by experienced traders with many years of experience. The system is designed to be semi-automated. This means that an artificial intelligence along with human intelligence controls the trading in equal parts to achieve the optimal for the clients. This strategy has worked for more than two years and convinces with monthly returns of up to 10 percent.

Success in the community

MyFxBook is a platform that promotes the association of both newcomers and experienced traders. This creates a professional community that fully covers the subject of trading. You simply connect your forex trading account and immediately get all the features you need. Each trade is transparently documented and helps to clearly understand the results. The online community allows you to follow other experienced traders and effectively improve one’s trading skills. TrustYourUniverse is also connected to MyFxBook, making trading successes since the launch of the platform transparent and visible to all.

The successful start at TrustYourUniverse

Starting as a trader at TrustYourUniverse works deliberately fast. You open a free user account on the site and transfer your first starting capital via bank transfer or crypto payment. This start is possible from as little as 100 euros. The loaded capital is then linked to the TrustYourUniverse platform and the TrustYourUniverse app is downloaded. Here you always have a perfect overview of all transactions and the returns achieved.


TrustYourUniverse lives off the community. Instead of investing a lot of money in conventional advertising, it relies on the recommendations of its members. 42.5 percent of the company’s profits are returned to the community through commissions. This system has the advantage that TrustYourUniverse and its customers grow together and reach new levels together. You can recommend TrustYourUniverse to friends and acquaintances without obligation and earn money from the returns generated. The passive income will increase due to clients’ profits and you can estimate for yourself what the future should look like.

Have you become interested by this and want to open a free account? Just click on this link.

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