Personal story Kevin Koolmees

Personal story Kevin Koolmees

I have been active in the crypto market for over 10 years and Cryptocurrency is still my biggest hobby and passion. My goal is to inform everyone about the importance of controlling your own finances. Escape the matrix and take control of your own life. In 2013 you had Bitcoin and about 25 other crypto currencies and now we are at over 100,000 different cryptocurrencies. In 10 years I have tried everything in the field of cryptocurrency. From day trading to mining and hodling to buying up small projects. Because I have tried so much and got experience with all sides of the market I started at the time and then switched to in 2017 to share my experience with others and share my information and news to the Dutch market.

Six months ago I ran into Pepijn Kleinherenbrink at a party. He started talking to me about Trust Your Universe and what it entails. You often hear something like this, but are skeptical because you don’t want to and can’t believe that achieving such results can be done in a safe way. However, I do take Pepijn serious as a person and started looking further into what exactly TYU is all about. 

CryptoKimmy and I are both owners of and for that reason we are forced to figure things out extra well as finfluencers before we start writing about it to 15,000 to 50,000 readers per month. In addition also Pepijn has already done solid research. After a full-time week of careful background research and a meeting with Dada Pey (CEO) and Patrick Lechner (Top leader) in Amsterdam, we were excited and convinced. My strength is that I see a good opportunity when it comes along and grab it with both hands. Then I don’t hesitate and give 100%.

After 10 years of trying everything in the crypto market I have gained a lot of experience, but the one thing that always remains difficult is making money structurally and also in bearmarkets. You can earn more Bitcoin and/or more dollars with TYU and by combining both you can handle any market and this appeals to me a lot. Of course, I save mainly for more Bitcoin, but some dollars to live on is handy. You can cash this out in USDT on ByBit or Binance for example and then use your Crypto Debit card to spend it.

In September I wrote my first articles on Crypto Gids about TYU and started recruiting people myself physically and online. Tested putting money on it and taking some off. All going easy, fast and cheap. More and more confirmation that everything is right. I also get the promised 5-10% returns every month and I can also see which trades are made via webtrader or metatrader 5. All trades are also viewable on MyFXBook.

You invest money and generate a passive income in an easy and transparent way. Everything is transparent, you are not tied to anything and you are helped well with all questions by support. Wouldn’t everyone want that? That’s right and just look at how many people are considering doing TYU, are going to do it or are already doing it. With many MLM systems your money is tied up for a year and a half to more than 2 years. With TYU you can always withdraw within 24-48. My lease car is also terminable by the month so I also want to be able to access my money whenever I want.

Speaking of a lease car. I want to present an interesting case study on the power of passive income. Take my example lease car the Lynk & Co. Purchasing a Lynk & Co costs 50,000 euros. Put this 50,000 euros on TYU and you have a monthly income between 2,500 and 5,000 euros per month. The lease of a Lynk is 550 euros per month then you can lease 5 to 9 Lynks or in other words besides your Lynk you have enough left over to live on and continue to build on other things or your network.

The six months since I started TYU have flown by. Four months ago I was on stage in Germany and then I was just two months in. At that time a team that consisted of 70 people. Now we are 4 months and another event in Harmelen further and my team already consists of over 300 people of which a good 150 have actively invested. Meanwhile, I have already achieved the executive rank. In addition, we have a team of 15 top builders who network very actively and function with us as 1 team. So the growth is working exponentially and we are still so early with TYU because we are among the first in the Netherlands. Also, the concept works worldwide. This is what you call a blue ocean where everyone is still a potential customer. This piece of income from your network comes on top of your income from trading.

Thanks for reading my story. It is now up to you to do with this what you want. Is that investing and not taking an active role, that’s fine. 

Don’t have an account yet or already have an account with some money in it and are considering networking? Just try it, because we have the tools for you in terms of content such as photos and videos to share within your network. You can use our builders guide that I recently wrote for setting up an affiliate account and a legion of tips on how to build this networking all the way for yourself.

I’m going to close with the words “gratitude and joy,” because I’m enjoying TYU immensely and I’m grateful that this opportunity came my way and for that reason I grabbed it with both hands.

If you decide to make an account with Trust Your Universe and you have passed KYC sent me a message on Telegram cause I have an introduction gift (bonus) for you. Join our global Telegram channel to chat with 110 other members who joined TYU.

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